Ancient know-how

  • 1978
    Foundation of MIEL l’Apiculteur®

    MIEL l’Apiculteur® arose from my desire to share the taste of honey and other products from the hive that I inherited from my grandfather. MIEL l’Apiculteur® brings together the best local producers, all with the same requirement of producing quality honeys.

  • 1981
    Yves Michaud’s iconic pot was created

    Like my grandfather, Yves, I am always passionate and inventive. In 1981, I created a new pot directly inspired by memories from my childhood. This famous cone-shaped, cardboard pot is now recognisable to all!

  • 2013
    As ingenious as ever!

    As the spring of 2013 was marked by harsh natural conditions for French beekeeping, I innovated once again by creating a new cone-shaped, glass jar with a bee engraved on it. This jar has become synonymous with the very best French and local honeys.

  • 2014
    A close relationship with local beekeepers

    My unfaltering commitment to French beekeeping naturally led me to offer up my beekeeping knowledge to professionals and amateurs. That’s why in April, I inaugurated my first beekeeping shop in Gan. Spanning some 200m², the Miellerie des Pyrénées offers a wide choice of high-quality beekeeping equipment at competitive prices.